New Slavegirl Pixie

September 28th, 2018

New Slavegirl Pixie

New 19year old slavegirls strict ropeworks and severe breast whipping in the dungeon



Slavegirl Pixie is a fresh new slavegirl ready to explore the world of pleasure and pain. She has a feisty temper and a strong urge to be dominated and punished severely on her journey to becoming a perfect obedient slavegirl.

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Latin BDSM Experiences

September 21st, 2018

Latin BDSM Experiences from The Pain Files

Follow Slavegirl Luxx as she takes her first steps into training to be a full lifestyle obedient slavegirl.

Blondie in Extreme BDSM

We have prepared you a delicious package of highres videos of Luxx and a photogallery of her struggles with the pussy penetration machine.

Blondie in Extreme BDSM

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The Headshaving

September 14th, 2018

The Headshaving

Asian Humiliation Presented by The Pain Files

Japanese Submissive Noriko lives out her longtime fantasy of having her long black dreadlocks shaved off while being tied up and giving her master a blowjob.

Noriko goes from longhaired to completely bald and youre given frontrow seats to watch her shaving and humiliation.

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Spitroasting Crystel Lei

September 7th, 2018

Spitroasting Crystel Lei at The Pain FilesCrystel Lei Suspended on the old Wooden Spitroast
Bondage and Pain in the Cold Scandinavian Night

a245.jpg a255.jpg

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Oriental BDSM

August 31st, 2018

Oriental BDSM from The Pain Files

In Eastern Asia they have a long tradition for female bondage and BDSM. True Masters of the Rope and stunning slavegirls are found in beautifull yet intense sessions of pleasure and pain round the oriental shores.

Watch a wonderfull asian slavegirl tied up in strict hogties, ballgagged and whipped in the livingroom by her Oriental Master.

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Latino Slavegirl Lux

August 24th, 2018

Latino Slavegirl Lux from The Pain Files

Slavegirl Lux is a new girl on the BDSM scene. Her smooth dark beauty keeps a secret of a slavegirls soul that craves to come out – and experience some real pleasure and pain.

a257.jpg a252.jpg

We have allready done quite a bit of slavegirl training with her, as you will see in the coming time – and there is no doubt she will come back for more.

a250.jpg a253.jpg

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Injections into her clit hood

August 17th, 2018

There's something especially cool about watching private SM scenes filmed by real couples – especially when they are into serious pain.

Simply piercing his slave's cunt is not enough for slavegirl tri's master. The needle drives directly into her clit hood, which he inflates to enormous size with an agonising saline injection. The needle then pushes straight through he hood to re-enter her poor swollen cunt just below her clit, inflating there too to completely bury her clit in the raw stretched meat.

This is a private amateur scene of genuine SM action between a real slave and her Master. He operates the camera himself, and pans to her face to show her screams and pain as he seals her clit in swollen flesh.

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Cherrys House of bdsm

August 10th, 2018

Cherrys House of BDSM presented by The Pain Files

Welcome to big tit Cherrys House of BDSM. Watch her day in the dungeon in her favorite BDSM and humiliation activities. Cherry is tied on the bondage bed and has violet wand electro pain on her feet.

a251.jpg a254.jpg

Cherry is taken further down the road of humiliation and pain. She has nosehooks and clamps on her pretty face. Enjoy Cherrys house of BDSM.

a246.jpg a255.jpg

Follow Cherrys House of bdsm at The Pain Files
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The Revenge of Mistress Chaos

August 3rd, 2018

The Revenge of Mistress Chaos from The Pain Files
Miss Chaos finally gets her revenge on the welsh slavegirl Crystel Lei when she is awarded the challenge of transforming the cheeky slavegirl into a submissive lady. The task is hard but Chaos stops at nothing to torment and humiliate her victim – glooming with joy about her painful revenge in the process.

 Spanking Spanking

Follow the training of slavegirl Crystel Lei at The Pain Files

The Dark Mistress

July 27th, 2018

The Dark Mistress of The Pain Files
The cute blonde slavegirl has been disobedient to her mistress and is tied up for torments. Her femdom ballgagging and hotwaxing her private slavegirls tits and pussy. The dark mistress has her slavegirl naked in their bedroom for extreme hotwax punishment.

Spanking Spanking

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Life of Slavery

July 20th, 2018

Life of Slavery presented by The Pain Files

Lifestyle BDSM slavegirl Gina craves her discipline and punishment for sexual pleasure.

View the video of Ginas fullbody caning:
Life of slavery

She is given a severe caning on her bottom, big busty tits and legs – whilst screaming away in pleasure and pain.

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Asian Electric Torments

July 13th, 2018

Electric Torments from The Pain Files
Asian hardcore painslave Tiger Benson electro tormented with the violet wand. She is tied up and nosehooked. The electric sparks are dancing all over her body, painfully sparking on her face, tits and pussy.

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Japanese Bondage and Pain

July 6th, 2018

Asian Pleasure and Pain

Asian Slavegirl in a BDSM punishment session with her bald european master. Pussy pierced asian slavegirl in japanese rope bondage tormented with play piercing needles.

While hanging in her strict ties she is anally penetrated and stimulated with a huge dildo till she screams from the overwhelming streams of pleasure and pain.

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The Inquisition

June 29th, 2018

The dark witch is tied and prepared for punishment, whipped till tears and humiliated viciously by the inquisition. The witch is put in the cauldron, has freezing cold water poured on her and is tormented with needles.

Watch the Preview Video:

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Asian Screams

June 22nd, 2018

Asian Screams
Slavegirl Noriko tied spreadeagle in the dungeon for her well deserved punishment session. The poor asian slavegirl is crying and screaming in pain from extreme whipping and clamping torments.


The japanese slavegirl is left with tears running down her face as her master torments in the dungeon with faceslapping and nipple twisting.

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Slavegirl in pain

June 15th, 2018

Presented by The Pain Files – BDSM Pain

Electro Torments to Tears


Slavegirl is restrained as her dom punishes her adding mouse traps on her ears, hurts her big tits and inserts a huge dildo inside her cunt. She screams as pain and pleasure take over.
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Slavegirl Emily Sharpe

June 8th, 2018

Slavegirl Emily Sharpe is a cute new face on the BDSM scene from southern England.

She is still experimenting with the BDSM lifestyle and her limits but we have already found that she has a very high pain tolerance and appetite for extreme BDSM.

a247.jpg a248.jpg

On top of that, she is a walking invitation for constant ballgagging with her incredibly loud screams.

a254.jpg a257.jpg

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Slave punishment video

June 1st, 2018

Presented by The Pain Files – BDSM Pain

Electro Torments to Tears


In this extreme BDSM video Rosie B is being punished mercilessly by her Dom. She’s getting hot candle wax right in her tender pussy, all this happen while she’s restrained and cannot move, forcing her to take all the pain with no possible scape.
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Amateur Slavegirls in bdsm training

May 25th, 2018

Amateur Slavegirl in bdsm training and painful behavioural punishment sessions
Watch all the slavegirl training at The Pain Files

Spanking Spanking

The amateur slavegirl have committed to full submission to her masters and enjoys the pleasure and pain of 24/7 BDSM relationships – watch the painful adventures into total obedience.

Spanking Spanking
Watch all the slavegirl training at The Pain Files

Torments and Revenge

May 18th, 2018

Torments and Revenge from The Pain Files
Mistress Crystel Lei is given a slavegirl to toy with, and she takes full advantage of the situation – taking Chaos through painful exercises and torments as well as having her engage in pleasureable lesbian sexual activities.

Spanking Spanking

Little does Crystel Lei know, that the roles are gonna be turned, and she will soon be under the command of the very same Chaos – Watch it all at The Pain Files