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Asian Electro Pain

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Asian electro torments of slavegirl Ange Venus in The Pain Files dungeon. Oriental beauty Ange Venus entering the world of pleasure and pain

Ange Venus is a well known fetish superstar, but this is her debut in extreme BDSM and pain. The tied asian fetish pornstar whipped and in vicious high voltage electro pain. To see the full length japanese BDSM videos of slavegirl Ange Venus, visit The Pain Files

Asian slavegirl Ange Venus bound and connected to electrodes on her sensitive tits and pussy by her Pain Files master. Ange is zapped with the flyswat and punished by the biting whip. The oriental beauty suffers severe electro pain and orgasmic machine penetration in the chair of torments

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Food Humiliation

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Crystel Lei tormented and humiliated at: The Pain Files


Blonde slavegirl Crystel Lei is ordered to eat vile food in the dungeon and when hesitating punished with the electric flyswat and cattleprod by her master. The slave thrives on wild and outragious experiences and couragously overcomes the humiliating and painful challenge with excellence.

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Tigerrs Electro Pain

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

Oriental slavegirl Tigerr Benson, aka Tigerr Juggs, in nosehooked electro pain at the dungeons of The Pain Files.

Busty japanese slavegirl Tigerr Benson is nosehooked and electro tormented. Tiger Benson is electro tormented with the violet wand and flysats on her tits and pussy

Tigerr Bensons Nosehooked Electro Pain at: The Pain Files.

Oriental fetishmodel Tigerr Benson is electro punished on her big tits, legs, face and pussy with electric flyswats and the violet wand. The busty submissive stares at the buzzing violet wand in a mixture of fear and disbelief as it leaves its tickling painful sensation all over her firm big breasts and face.

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Japanese Electro Pain

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Japanese slavegirl electro tormented at The Pain Files. The cute asian submissive is taken to the dungeon by her two western masters and sadistically punished with the electric cattleprod.

Japanese female bdsm slaves in intense electro shock torments and kinky oriental pussy pain punishments. Oriental beauty Noriko with her long black dreadlocks are held in position by her cruel master as she is electro shocked with the incredibly painful cattleprod device. The submissive japanese painslave screams in agony as the electric shocks sparks against her tormented pussy. The fear is painted in her eyes as it approaches her face.

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Japanese BDSM Slavegirl Noriko in Extreme Electro Pain and Pussy Torment. Cute Oriental Slavegirl Screaming in Pain. The devilish electro shock device dances over the japanese slavegirls pussy and occationally makes the connection to cause intense pain shooting through her shivering body. The kinky dreadlocked asian submissive looks at the cattleprod with fear as it approaches her body for the inevitable electro shock.

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Electro Pain and Tears

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Slavegirl Emmas electro pain and tears at The Pain Files

Slavegirl Emma is a 24year old girl from England with a deep lust for BDSM, humiliation and rough sex. Emma is an incredibly charming submissive with a wild desire to explore even the weirdest and scariest corners of BDSM. Emmas biggest turnon is extreme humiliation play whilst her biggest fear is electro pain. Even the thought of electro makes her shiver. None surprisingly she is given a good mixture of the humiliation pleasures and painful fears in the BDSM sessions she has to endure. Emma is a highly submissive. She training to enter the world as a lifestyle slavegirl and enjoying every step of the way through pleasure and pain

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Till this point we have taken on a thorough training program involving obedience training, severe punishments and humiliation. In the following three displays of her BDSM sessions you will get a good peek behind the curtains of her severe training that has taken her through strict breast bondage, extreme electro pain, merciless whipping and outragious humiliation

Slavegirl Emma screaming in pain at: The Pain Files

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Electro Pain and Hot Wax

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Slavegirl Crystel Lei in Electro Pain and Extreme Ass Punishment at The Pain Files

Blonde fetish pornstar Crystel Lei in extreme electro pain and severe ass punishment using hotwax directly inside her arse and pussy. The BDSM slavegirl screams in agony as the vicious cattle prod jolts her tender body with painful electro shocks.

Extreme Humiliation and PainExtreme Humiliation and Pain
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Crystel Lei is ordered to stick her cute ass in the air and spread. Her master drips steaming hot wax directly into her arse and pussy causing the tears to overwhelm the pretty blonde slavegirl. She is commanded to stay in position as the prolonged hotwax torment of her ass draws one painful drip after the other inside her most tender bits.

Extreme Humiliation and PainExtreme Humiliation and Pain

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Maid Punishment

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

The maid in punishment at The Pain Files

The busty maid Angel is called for a disciplinary interview with her boss after repeated failures to fullfill her duties. Angel arrogantly throws herself in the sofa and earns herself a thorough punishment on her tits and pussy. The delicious maid is whipped severely and tormented with electro pain.

The maid in punishment
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Slavegirl Angel as the maid in spanking and electro pain. Tattooed brunette slavegirl Angel fails her maid duties and gets punished severely by a strict barebottom spanking and electro pain on her big tits. The violet wand sends electro schocks through her tits and the riding crop dances painfully on Angels cute ass.

The maid in punishment

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