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Injections into her clit hood

Friday, August 17th, 2018

There's something especially cool about watching private SM scenes filmed by real couples – especially when they are into serious pain.

Simply piercing his slave's cunt is not enough for slavegirl tri's master. The needle drives directly into her clit hood, which he inflates to enormous size with an agonising saline injection. The needle then pushes straight through he hood to re-enter her poor swollen cunt just below her clit, inflating there too to completely bury her clit in the raw stretched meat.

This is a private amateur scene of genuine SM action between a real slave and her Master. He operates the camera himself, and pans to her face to show her screams and pain as he seals her clit in swollen flesh.

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Extreme Tit Torments

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Busty slavegirl Ginas nipple clamp pain and extreme bdsm punishment presented by: The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Videos

The clover clamped british submissive with her master on a sofa in the dungeon. The biting metal clamps on her nipples makes Ginas moan and plead with her sadistic tormented to no avail. The longhaired kinky sadomasochist is pulled around in the sofa by the chain attached to the metal clamps on her nipples. Its a lesson in pure pleasure and for british slave girl Gina

Gina is bound and metal clamped in The Pain Files Dungeon using chained clover clamps directly on her nipples. The clamps are maliciously pulled, toyed with and poked. The effect is clearly written in Ginas face. Every movement is agony when clover clamped as they tighten even further when moved or pulled. To take advantage of this vicious feature of the spiteful implements her master whips Ginas big tits fiercely with a leather squirt. Busty slavegirl Ginas nipple clamp pain and extreme bdsm punishment. Breast Torments of busty Slavegirl Gina. Busty slavegirl Gina in nipple clamped tit torments and rough bondage punishment. The british submissive is bound arms above head in the dungeon, breast whipped and clamped.

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Electro Pain and Hot Wax

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Slavegirl Crystel Lei in Electro Pain and Extreme Ass Punishment at The Pain Files

Blonde fetish pornstar Crystel Lei in extreme electro pain and severe ass punishment using hotwax directly inside her arse and pussy. The BDSM slavegirl screams in agony as the vicious cattle prod jolts her tender body with painful electro shocks.

Extreme Humiliation and PainExtreme Humiliation and Pain
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Crystel Lei is ordered to stick her cute ass in the air and spread. Her master drips steaming hot wax directly into her arse and pussy causing the tears to overwhelm the pretty blonde slavegirl. She is commanded to stay in position as the prolonged hotwax torment of her ass draws one painful drip after the other inside her most tender bits.

Extreme Humiliation and PainExtreme Humiliation and Pain

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